No Flame Accessories Line

USB Charger

Forget about plugs and wall outlets! The USB charger gets the job done with a simple connection to any computer or laptop. The USB Charger is easy to carry, practical, and suitable for those that are always on the go. Why waste time with an electronic gadget and risk not taking that important puff? Get the No Flame USB Charger and always be ready, all the time!


Car Charger

Always on the Go? Practically live in your car? Always on the road? Or maybe you are in the sales industry and you are constantly traveling? Our car charger is the perfect solution. Charge your e-cig whenever you are on the road to ensure that your e-cig will always be charged & ready. You can’t afford not to have this charger, buy now for only $15.95!


Wall Charger

Simple and easy to use, small and hassle free.
The Power E-cigs wall charger is the perfect accessory to your e-cig. As simple to use as any other charger, just plug it in and you are set for use.
We know how important it is to charge your E-Cig and be ready to take that important puff anytime, anywhere for only $24.99



The No Flame Electronic Cigarette is designed for its handy style, feel, and same size to a traditional cigarette. With each puff the red LED lights up and will quickly flash red signaling that it’s time to recharge. Our No Flame batteries are
top of the line batteries, you can’t go wrong with the No Flame battery extra! For only 24.99

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